5 Characteristics Of A Winning App

Posted on Jun 9 2015 - 4:53am by admin

One question we get asked a lot here at GTB is how to make a successful app. Building an app is no longer a dark art; in fact, it’s easier than ever to create your own. It’s both a blessing and a curse in the digital world. The benefit is that anyone with a great concept can build a successful app. The downside is the sheer volume of competition out there. It’s easy to build an app, yes, but very difficult to make it stand out. Today, we’ll show you the key characteristics of a winning smartphone application.

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  1. Good business team and plan behind it

It all starts with a fantastic idea and the brains to make it happen. Very few successful apps are conceived, built, and executed on a whim. Instead, they are crafted meticulously. They are built with a target audience in mind. They have a rollout and promotion plan. They have been tested, refined and honed. A successful app requires a strong leadership team of marketers, developers and designers. It will involve expert app builders like Appscore Mobile Development and a team of business heads. Successful apps don’t just pop up overnight.

  1. They are simply

The best apps on the planet do just one thing, and they do it incredibly well. Look at the best-selling apps on the market. Each of them can be summed up in just one sentence. They answer a question and provide a necessary service. Smartphone users don’t have time for fussy design and complex applications. Strive for simplicity in both function and design.

  1. Unique and powerful design

At the heart of every successful app is a strong design. It ought to be unique and appealing so that it stands out. It should strengthen and capitalise on your existing brand if you have one. This aspect is particularly important for games, and many have grown popular because of their design. Examples include Limbo and Monument Valley, both of which won awards for unique and inspiring design.

  1. Correct pricing and promotion

One of the big mistakes made by app developers is forgetting the promotional aspect. Building an app isn’t enough to make it a success. There are over a million apps on the App Store. What makes you think customers will seek your out over others? Simple answer: they won’t. You need to consider a strong marketing and promotional campaign to get your app in front of people. More importantly, you need to consider the correct pricing structure to encourage downloads. Most successful apps are offered free to boost downloads. Then, they’ll capitalise with in-app purchases, subscriptions or charging once there is demand.

  1. Addictive

Studies show that most apps are downloaded, opened once, and then deleted. The trick to success is avoiding that quick delete period. You’ve got to intrigue and capture the user’s attention quickly. More importantly, you’ve got to give them a reason to open the app a second and third time. Make it addictive. Gamify the process and use your imagination.

More than anything, you need a fantastic idea that takes the world by storm. If you’ve got a great idea and implement it with the advice here, you’re onto a winner.

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