To Build Giant Fighting Robot NASA And MegaBots Are Teaming Up

Posted on Aug 19 2015 - 7:31am by David Gregorio

NASA was enrolled to amend the safety of the cockpit of the MegaBots’ new Mk.II robot. It will be Cavalcanti and Oehrlein sitting in the Mk.II steering the robot and manning the weapons. But should Kuratas land a punch even one that knocks the Mk.II over, the MegaBots’ co-founders need to make sure the force of it will not be so harming that they will black out in the mid of the battle.


Howe and Howe Technologies will help build a high functioning track base for the MegaBot to make it faster and more maneuverable. On the Kickstarter page, MegaBots boasts that once this upgrade is complete, its robot will be five times faster than it is now and twice as fast as Kuratas. The Mk.II was not designed for hand to hand combat, a condition Suidobashi Heavy Industries insisted upon when agreeing to the duel with MegaBots.

To get the Mk.II ready to do battle, MegaBots has enrolled Howe and Howe Technologies and NASA, among other partners, to get its robot into fighting shape. Next July, an updated version of the Mk.II, kitted out with giant punching gloves and a 6-foot-long chainsaw, will engage in hand-to-hand robot with a 13-foot-tall Japanese robot. “The robot that you see on Kickstarter is the ultimate robot.

It has got bald eagles for shoulders,” Cavalcanti tells Popular Science. “It is like Team America’s robot. It is a little silly, it is a little campy, but it is also totally epic and American.” As the MegaBots crew told Popular Science, the impetus for constructing giant robots has always been to stage massive robot duels, and to promote such events as a new type of sport.

The company, headed by engineers Gui Cavalcanti and Matt Oehrlein, creates giant fighting robots. Its first prototype, the Mk. II, is 15 feet tall, lumbers along at just under 3 miles an hour, and fires giant paint-balls from an arm cannon at 120 miles per hour. Depending on how much money the Kickstarter campaign raises, Cavalcanti and Oehrlein won’t only upgrade the Mk.II, but they will also move into a new workspace to construct it.

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