Optoma ZH300UW Is An Ultra-Wide Short Throw Projector

Posted on Aug 27 2016 - 8:38pm by David Gregorio

Optoma has released the ZH300UW ultra-short throw projector, designed for business, education and specialist AV applications. Based on laser-phosphor technology, the new ZH300UW possess a unique ultra-wide aspect ratio allowing an increased number of users to interact at the display and accommodates two 4:3 images in a picture-by-picture format.

Due to the solid-state light engine, this new projector is able to operate in unusual positions, including portrait and downward projection. The first of these opt produces the possibility of tall, narrow images – particularly suitable for digital signage in retail environments – while the latter allows projection onto a floor, valuable for museums and visitor centres.



With a light source rather than the traditional projector lamp-solid state laser, the ZH300UW produces a brightness of 3000 lumens and a level of contrast of 10.000:1. In addition to providing great colors, the laser engine eliminates the cost of replacement of lamps and has a shelf life of up to the 20,000 hours.

The native resolution of the projector is 1.920 × 720 pixels, with a proportion of 16:6, also capable of adapting to two images side by side 4:3. In video conferencing, it is possible to show both sides of the conversation with just a single projector.

The versatility of this team of Optoma extends even further by the lens of ultra short range that has a ratio of 0, 25:1, which means that a 120 image can be shown from a distance of projection of 72 cm.

For businesses and schools that have multiple projectors, the ZH300UW is fully compatible with AMX, Crestron and Extron systems, enabling network control.

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