Why Businesses Are Turning To Cloud Technology

Posted on Jan 15 2015 - 10:24am by admin

Cloud technology is one of the most powerful by-products of the internet revolution. In its simplest form, cloud technology is the art of moving all data and documents online. Instead of looking after thousands of documents and data in physical form, it all exists ‘on the cloud’. It means that employees can access and work on files instantly. It also allows the quick transfer of data around the company and outside of it.

Cloud Technology

Of course, like any technology, it has its detractors. Many still worry about the safety and security of storing important files online. Many worry that an internet server is no more stable than a hard drive. However, one thing is certain: more and more businesses are turning to them for solutions. There are plenty of benefits in doing so. We’ve collected just some of the best reasons here for you today.


Cloud computing allows employees to access and work from anywhere on any device. You can access files on your smartphone. It takes the hassle out of reading lengthy reports on the train or air flight. It allows presentations and documents to be accessed anywhere in the world. Employees can work from home or log into documents while visiting another office. It simplifies the process.

Collaboration and document control

In the past, you’d have to send documents around, make alterations and print out countless new versions. With cloud technology everything stays in one place. The document remains the same and numerous people can log in, access it and make changes. It keeps documents right where you want them. They can be anything from reports to budget sheets. Entire management software and databases can now be stored and accessed online. One example is the QABook Enterprise Edition.

Disaster recovery

One of the big advantages of cloud computing is the data recovery systems that are inbuilt. When using hard drives and hard copies, you are always at risk of losing data. A crashed hard-drive is very difficult to access. With cloud computing, if the server goes down, the files will be backed up on the host’s server. It gives companies peace of mind when it comes to sensitive data.

Environmentally friendly

There are plenty of practical reasons to switch to cloud services. Yet, there is an emotional reason too. Cloud computing reduces the volume of paper required in the office space. It can also limit the necessity of global travel as all documents can be accessed anywhere in the world. It is an environmentally friendly office solution.


Cloud services offer a level of security that could not always be guaranteed. It means that employees no longer have to carry sensitive documents and data on them. The sheer number of smartphones and laptops that go missing is huge. This becomes a worry when there are vast amounts of information on them. When it’s all on the cloud, employees can free their hardware of sensitive documents. It also helps protect against hackers and cyber attacks.

Cloud services are slowly becoming commonplace in the work environment. They are a vital step towards increased security and flexibility. It gives business owners peace of mind and allows employees to work faster. Think about how your business could benefit.

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