Simple Things Every Computer Owner Should Do

Posted on Dec 23 2014 - 6:11am by admin

Almost everybody has a laptop or computer these days. Most jobs ask for computer skills as standard, and everyone uses computers in their free time. Despite that fact, few people understand how to look after their device. If you have a laptop, you want it to last for a long time. People spend small fortunes on devices, and so it is important that they don’t break too soon. There are particular things that everybody needs to do when they have a computer. These simple things will ensure that your device works well.

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Backup your files

When you have a laptop, you need to ensure that you backup your documents on it all the time. If you fail to save your files somewhere else, you will find that you could lose them. Sometimes laptops break for no reason. If that happens, you could lose all your documents and files. If you have a backup system, you will have a copy of all the data that you need. Cloud systems are popular right now as there is no limit on how many files you can store in the cloud. You can even get cloud computing certification when you learn to manage the storage system.

Run an antivirus scan

Now and then, you need to ensure that you run a virus scan on your computer. You should already have a quality antivirus program on your computer. If you don’t have one, you need to download one right now. Antivirus systems will allow you to run regular scans to check whether your computer is safe or not. Many systems will remind you to run scans, but some will not. Every couple of weeks, remember to run a scan. If there are any problems with your device, the program will tell you.

Delete your downloads

If you download music, photos, and videos, you need to ensure that you empty your download folder regularly. Media, such as music, takes up a lot of space on your desktop. You might move it from your download folder, but you need to ensure that you delete it as well. If you keep everything you download, your computer will start to get slow. That is because it can’t handle storing loads of files on it. Most people forget to empty their download folder. It does not occur to them that the folder is getting full over time. You should also ensure that you delete the files from your trash can so that they are no longer on your system.

Clear your browser’s cache

Your browser’s cache has information in it about the various sites you visit. It saves screenshots and cookies so that it can remember your search history. You can clear your cache by going to the history page of your browser. On a Windows device, you can reach the history page by pressing ‘Ctrl’ and ‘H.’ When you are on the page, click on ‘advanced settings.’ In there, you should find a ‘remove cookies’ and ‘delete history’ button. The buttons vary from browser to browser, and so it might be a little different on your laptop.

Defragment your disk

Defragging your drive is an easy way to speed up your computer. If your device is more than five years old, you could find that it has become slow. That means that you need to defragment your disk drive. You can defrag your drive by pressing ‘Start’ and then ‘Run.’ A box should come up, and you can type in ‘defrag’ to start the system. If you have a new computer, which runs Windows 7 or 8, your device will defrag itself on a regular basis, and so you don’t need to.

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