Netgear is giving you more Wi-Fi freedom with its new Orbi Outdoor Satellite

Posted on Mar 6 2018 - 1:28pm by David Gregorio

Just ahead of the CES in Las Vegas, Netgear added the Orbi out doors satellite for pc. As the name states, the device expands your Orbi-based wireless network past the confines of your property or workplace, so that you have local, stable net connectivity while slicing the grass, lounging by way of the pool, or firing up the company’s grill inside the automobile parking space. Netgear says this new device broadcasts up to 2,500 square feet of additional coverage.

In case you are surprising with Netgear’s Orbi, it is a WiFi Mesh Networking package that comes with several satellites. It really works in a similar manner to the Samsung connect home mesh network. Mesh networks act as a single network with one password, and gadgets hop onto the fine connection dynamically. With antique WiFi repeaters, this became just not possible or extraordinarily unreliable. In a few methods, Mesh WiFi work similarly to cellphone networks.

Orbi Outdoor Satellite

Mesh networks make it easy to cowl problematic homes with plenty of rooms and flooring by means of supplying you with more than one get entry to points, all operating on the identical community. The drawback is the price. The original Orbi and satellite kit, which covers 4,000 square feet, cost $400, and extra satellites cost about $225. By contrast, Netgear’s own R7000P Nighthawk router is much less than $200.

The Orbi system can cover approximately 3,500 square feet, with each satellite adding some other 2,500 square feet. In your backyard, that might imply you could watch 4K HD films in your cellular device or move track to audio system in the outside, guest house, or poolside.The outside Orbi satellite connects via walls to an indoor Orbi router, and you don’t have to haul additional ethernet cables to the backyard. Netgear has gotten speeds of 10 megabits a 2nd at one kilometer using line-of-sight, but speeds are quicker for closer distances.

If you’re using the satellite at work, you may separate visitor or worker site visitors, and you could schedule ambient lighting for related lighting. The Orbi outdoors satellite is to be had now inside the U.S. for $330. You can control it with a cellular app, and it allows you to feature wi-fi enabled Arlo security cameras to cover greater distances in huge backyards.

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