Movavi Screen Capture Review

Posted on Apr 18 2016 - 8:59am by admin

One of the main issues that you may have when you try to use screen capture software is that it tends to be complicated – especially initially. The learning curve required to use most software is often prohibitive, and dissuades people from attempting to use it in spite of the benefits that screen capture can bring to the table.

Movavi Screen CaptureRather than attempting to overcome that learning curve and spending hours or days learning how to use a particular screen capture software, you could instead opt for a much easier and more user-friendly alternative, namely Movavi Screen Capture. It is designed to make recording video footage as painless an experience as possible – and based on its popularity it would suggest that it has certainly done just that.

The best part about Movavi Screen Capture is that you will be able to start recording within a minute or two of launching the software. All you need to do is set the capture frame, choose the audio source, and click a button to get started. For anyone new to screen capture or video recording software in general, having such a quick and easy way to start recording is certainly going to be a welcome change.

Of course if you want to have a greater degree of influence over the recording – Movavi Screen Capture has ample options to cater to that too. It will let you set the frame rate and also capture keyboard and mouse actions by displaying keys that are pressed on screen as well as highlighting the mouse cursor.

To manage your recording better you should look to the convenient hotkeys that are available, along with the timer that will automatically stop the recording after a predetermined duration. With these tools you will be able to set the recording and then leave and come back later when it is done.

Finally when your recording is done and you want to save it – be sure to take advantage of the presets in Movavi Screen Capture. Each preset is designed to use the best video format and settings for a specific device or platform – so you can optimize your video automatically by using them.

As you can see, Movavi Screen Capture neatly overcomes the main issue associated with screen capture and will hand you an easy yet effective way to record videos directly from your screen. Because it is so simple and straightforward, you can gain all the benefits of screen capture – minus the hassle normally comes with it.

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