Essential Software Your Recruitment Company Should Be Using

Posted on Jun 20 2014 - 4:35am by Nathan Bay

In today’s modern age, virtually all companies and other organisations use computer software for various purposes. If you are old enough to remember, you might be pondering how life in the workplace used to be at a much slower pace than it was today.

Essential Software Your Recruitment Company

That is because everyone did things “manually”; in other words, pen and paper was king! The best technology anyone could ever hope to utilise at work was a typewriter, but they were cumbersome and, at times, unreliable.

Fast forward to 2014, and you will see that everyone in the office uses computer systems with a variety of software applications on them.

If you are running an employment agency, did you know that you might not be using the correct – and essential – software applications and operating systems for your business? This handy guide will show you what you should have pre-loaded onto your computer systems!

Microsoft Windows 7

If you don’t follow the latest news in the technology world, you can be forgiven for not hearing about Microsoft’s most-popular operating system, Windows XP. Back on the 8th April, the Redmond firm have ceased extended support for it.

What that means is users of Windows XP will no longer be issued new security updates, and, as a result, will open themselves up to security vulnerabilities. Shockingly, some of the world’s top governments still use this old version of the Windows operating system!

Are your computer systems still running Windows XP? If so, you will need to upgrade them to Windows 7 or newer. Although Windows 8.1 is the current version of the popular PC operating system, many users have complained about its controversial new design and layout.

Because of that fact, Windows 7 is the operating system of choice for everyday users.

Microsoft Office 2013 Home & Business

Office 2013 is the latest version of the flagship office productivity suite, and the Home & Business edition offers Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook as standard, amongst other useful tools.

I can guarantee you that anyone in a commercial environment will be using one or more of those applications on a daily basis, and so your recruitment firm must have this essential application system installed on your computer systems.


Are you using some archaic method of storing your client and candidate details? If so, you need to dump it and use the popular Darwin software.

Darwin is essentially a powerful tool that helps you to manage various aspects of your recruitment agency. Because of its handy integration with Microsoft Outlook, you might not even have to use Outlook itself once you have Darwin installed on your PCs!

Adobe Reader

Let’s face it; whenever people want to send documents to each other these days, they are going to send PDF files.

Adobe Reader is an essential application that is required to open such files, and the great thing is that it’s free to download and use! Most clients and candidates will send you PDF files on a daily basis; Adobe Reader will let you view them quickly and easily.

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