Could your business benefit from investing in new software?

Posted on Dec 17 2014 - 9:30am by admin

Software companies often promise to revolutionise the way that your business works, increase your productivity or treble your client base. As these claims often come with a large price tag, those who are considering investing in new software for their business should consider the following before taking the plunge and investing your businesses money: –

business benefit from investing in new software

Review your Business Needs

Firstly, consider every aspect of your business and consider if improvements could be made anywhere. Could the rate that you process orders be reduced? Are you retaining as many customers as you would like? Or does your marketing need an overhaul? Unless the software that is available is able to resolve some of these issues or provide you with something different there may be no incentive to change. However, if there are any issues you should first look at whether you can resolve them internally before then looking into software that could resolve them.

Choose a Provider to Suit your Needs

Once you know what the problem is you may then have a look at the market and do some research as to the software that is available to fix it for you. There is a wealth of new programmes out there so it is important to undertake thorough research to find several potential solutions. Once you have found several programmes that you are interested in you may then consult the companies that sell them. Ensure that you properly explain the issues that you are having with them so that they can provide you with advice on whether that system, in their expert opinion, is the right one for you.

If you consult several different companies this will then allow you to compare the prices and any additional benefits you get with each software system. For instance some companies may offer an annual maintenance review to ensure that it is working correctly, or a free upgrade as and when they become available. They may even offer free installation or staff training. Extras like this should be factored into the cost of the software as paying for them at a later date may mean that you did not choose the most cost effective software afterall!

In Summary

Once you have narrowed your choices down, and before making your final decision, you should then speak to the various companies about testing the software. Some companies, such as, offer free demos to their potential clients. Free demos like this are invaluable for ensuring that before you invest in expensive software it actually works, resolves the issue that it needs to and that your staff are able to easily use it otherwise it could end up making the problem worse rather than better.

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