Business And Tech: Why You Need These Devices In Your Office Now

Posted on Sep 8 2016 - 8:02am by admin

As technological advancements continue to get better and better, there is always new and exciting devices. All of which can be used in offices and workspaces. But which do you really need and which can your company do without? When you are considering a new piece of tech that has just come onto the market, you need to ask yourself some important questions. Mainly, what will it add to your company? All the new tech that you now incorporate into your business needs to make everything super efficient and convenient. Otherwise, you will find that the new device goes unused. Which can be a large waste of money!


So which new tech should you invest in for your business? Here are some of our favorite picks.

3D Printers

Gone are the days of just being able to print out flat images on paper and card. Thanks to recent developments in the printing world, we now have the technology to print 3D objects. And not just out of paper! There are now many 3D printers out on the market that can print items out of plastic and other materials. This can come in very handy if you buy in a lot of you’re always buying pieces from various companies. If you can start to print them yourself, you will cut down on a lot of your expenses. If you want to find out more about the benefits of 3D printers, you can find out online. For instance, at Zortrax webpage you can find case studies.

Online Invoicing Service

It isn’t the Victorian era anymore, so you shouldn’t be writing invoices out by hand and tracking expenses in a notebook. Instead, spend some money and invest in an online invoicing service. This can make things incredibly easy for your finance department if you have one. And if your company doesn’t have a finance or accounting department, this service can take one load off your mind. Modern systems are easy to use, and you won’t have to have an accounting background to be able to understand the interface. Many online invoicing services can be accessed from your tablets and smartphones. All thanks to new mobile technology! Meaning you can now invoice clients while you are on the go.

Calendar Systems

Don’t be surprised if your employees keep missing appointments and meetings if you rely on a paper calendar hung up in your office kitchen. It is much better to streamline all the company meetings and deadlines on one online calendar system such as Google Calendar. The best thing about these systems is that all of your employees can easily access them from wherever they may be. All the need is their log-in details. When a meeting is added to the calendar, they will need to RSVP and say whether they are going to attend or not. Then, about thirty minutes before the start of the meeting, your employees will get a notification to remind them. That way, no one will ever miss an important meeting again!

Smartphones And Tablets

Smartphones and tablets have been around for quite some time now. However, there are still many business owners who do not use them at work. This is a huge oversight as this new portable technology is fantastic to keep you connected on the go. So next time you are on your way to a conference or business meeting abroad, you can still easily check in with your employees. There are also many benefits from downloading various apps onto your portable tech. You can get your local bank’s app so you can quickly check your account balances and transfer money. Google Maps is another fantastic app that helps you always find your way, even if you are in a completely new city.

Cloud Storage

In the unfortunate event of a cyber attack, you could end up losing important data and information. This could be a serious issue if the files that have been stolen are sensitive. Another common problem is when a virus renders a computer unusable and you lose all the files that are saved on it. To make sure this never happens, think about investing in some cloud storage. This is when you pay for online storage space from specialist companies. You can then store all your important data securely on their cloud technology. It is then saved online and can be accessed from any computer you use. Your employees will also be able to access all the date if you provide them with the relevant log-in details. Don’t forget that it is also worth backing up your data on some hardware that you can unplug from your computer. When you are not using this storage, make sure it is stored securely.

Online Security

Of course, you won’t have to worry about getting hacked or being attacked by a virus if your whole computer network has the proper online security. You should be paying for your cyber security rather than relying on free software. This is because the free services just won’t be up to scratch. It is also very important to make sure that all your online security software is always up to date. Hackers and viruses are always getting better at what they do and are finding new ways to get around computer safety features. If your software is out of date, your whole computer network could be out of date. So remember to regularly check for updates and update whenever necessary.

Conference Call Software

Make communication easier by investing in some conference call software. Many businesses have been relying on Skype so far for connecting people during conference calls. However, Skype can be fairly limiting. So it is much better to invest in some proper software for conference calls so you can be sure that the quality will always be at its best. Streamlining all your calls with just one of these services can also help you cut costs and expenses.

Make Your Business An App

You can be sure that almost all of your clients and customers will have smartphones and will use a variety of apps during their day. So why not add an app for your company to their list of apps? Now is the time to get an app developer to join your company and create a bespoke app. This way, all your customers can connect to you when they are out and about. You should also make it possible for them to order off you through the app. It can cost quite a bit to make a fantastic app, so you need to think about how it will be funded. There are two ways you can do this. Either charge people to download your app or sell advertising space within the app. Alternatively, you could also offer special paid features within the app as well.

Video Equipment

More and more companies are creating YouTube channels for their companies, no matter what industry they are in. This is because videos are extremely shareable and can help with a business’s social media marketing. You don’t need any fancy video-making equipment, but you should expect to pay above the average price. This way, you can be sure that your videos always look great and will catch the eye of many potential new customers!

As technology advances, you should continually try and keep up with all the new trends. By keeping your business one step ahead of the technological curve, you will be much more likely to stay ahead of all your competitors!

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