Backup Your Computer With These Basic Techniques

Posted on Aug 19 2015 - 3:59am by admin

When it comes to computers, there are essential things that every owner needs to do, and backing up your file is one of the most important. Although the digital revolution has given us a lot, it has also made us more susceptible to theft. Hacking might not take the conventional method of physically stealing a person’s valuable assets, but it is stealing all the same. As quality hackers can perform this theft remotely, safely storing your files has never been more of an issue. However, with these basic tips, you can secure them safely and easily.


External Hard Drives

Because your data can be attacked while it is attached to your server, you need a separate alternative. But, most alternatives don’t have the same storage space as servers and hard drives, not to mention they are not as simple. So, what are you supposed to do? The best answer is to buy an external hard drive. External hard drives have the same capacity as the hard drive in your laptop or your desktop, but they are not attached to the server. That means the only way someone can access your files is by physically taking the hard drive. Remember, hard drives can fail so you will want to make sure you have a backup plan in place you need to recover important files and data. Secure Data Recovery recommends you do not attempt to use recovery software, but leave it to a team of professionals to prevent further or permanent loss of your files.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is the new storage method, especially if you own any Apple products. Again, ‘The Cloud’ is a remote storage facility that makes it easier to store files and harder to hack in a lot of cases. ‘The Cloud’ is run by a storage provider over the internet, so all you need to do is signup and start uploading. There are negatives as well as positive, and you need to do your research before you make a final decision. For all cloud storage related information, visit iCloud Login where you can find all the latest news and advice.

Burn To DVDs Or Flash Drive

A flash drive is a smaller version of an external hard drive, and they do serve a purpose. You cannot fit a full computer’s worth of data on a flash drive, but you can select certain files that are the most important. If that is not enough, there is always DVDs. Just like back in the early days of computers, you can transfer your files to a hard copy. All you need are a couple of thousands of blank DVDs and the relevant computer program, and you are good to go. It takes a lot of time and effort, but at least it is safe.

Print It Off

Another method of a hard copy, printing files is probably the earliest form of backing up computers. Have you ever seen those rooms that are full of filing cabinets and stacks of paper? That is what your house will look like if you start to print off every file on your computer! Still, when it is physically in your possession, the only way to access the info is to take it from you.

Even today, that is the safest possible way to keep your private information exactly that: private.

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