5 Reasons To Avoid Cheap WordPress Hosting

Posted on Apr 8 2017 - 1:53am by admin

A good WordPress hosting enables you to connect with your customers in a pretty more purposeful manner. We always attracted to things that are cheap. But that always comes with a huge compensation. So it is most important to choose a good WordPress hosting for your site as cheap hosting will lead you nowhere.

 WordPress Hosting

There are lot reasons to avoid cheap WordPress Hosting services:

1) Limitations

Cheap WordPress Hosts will usually use poor servers, a lot of users will be stacked in a single server. As a result, the amount of resources shared between each user is severely minimize. This lead to issues like overloaded database and low PHP memory limit.

2) Hard disk fails

Server hard disks are tend to more expensive than their desktop counterparts. It is necessary to replace the drive over the time as the probability of failure significantly increases along with the performance start degrading below acceptable levels. In case of cheap WordPress hosts, such powerless hard disks are used for a really long time.

3) Little or No Backups

New users are unaware about the importance of backups. With established WordPress hosting providers, backups will be taken almost daily and retain them up to 30 days. But in case of cheap WordPress Host regular backups are pretty slim.

4) Longer Downtimes

Downtimes, however, are a necessary part of shared hosting business. Backend technicians are people who maintain the servers. Skilled server admins are very expensive – a concept cheap hosts like to avoid like the plague.

5) Security:

Cheap WordPress Hosts have poor security counter measures. So, it’s a cake walk for a hacker to breach the security and cause trouble. At the end of day, you need a reliable, secure and fast web hosts. So, always choose quality over price.

Cheap WordPress Hosts spell nothing but disaster. We need extra cautions while choosing a WordPress Host that meets our needs. It’ is best to choose experienced and reputed WordPress Host.

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