New Years Rev-olution – Give Your Bike A Happy 2017 With Some New Upgrades!

Posted on Dec 23 2016 - 2:56am by admin

Riding a motorbike is a way of life. It’s the free spirit ideals that blasted out of post-war America, when everyone needed to experience freedom. A bike was the best way to do that.


Nowadays, it’s still the same. Your bike is a reflection of you and your freedom, so it’s best that you take the time to look after it and give it some much-needed improvements in the new year?

Your new year’s resolution? It’s to kit your bike out so it can be the best bike possible and have a happy 2017!

Before you get carried away, the hard work needs to come first. You need to keep your motorbike clean and maintained.

For the paint, use wax to protect the paintwork. Not only does wax leave a nice lacquer behind, it’s going to stop water seeping into any cracks that develop when riding. Keep your bike clean by getting rid of dirt as soon as possible, dirt and moisture will corrode the metals on your motorbike and leave it in ruin.

It’s easy to forget about engine oil, but remember that engine oil lubricates the gears and engine of your bike. It also helps to prevent your engine from overheating. If you fail to change the oil that slicks your engine, there will be a risk of dirt building up in the oil. Dirt and the risk of your bike overheating isn’t something you want in a engine, so take oil changes seriously. The same goes for spark plugs which will need to be regularly changed and of course, your tyres. If you’re unsure of anything, order your bikes manual which will carry all the valuable information you need to know before carrying out work. If you still don’t know, consult an engineer.

Now that is all out of the way, you can get into customizing your bike. The reason you must take care of your bike before launching into a customization project is really simple. Why spend so much money when you can’t be bothered to care for it? Your bike is at a higher risk of failure and thus a crash that will tear it apart. Don’t neglect it in favour of jumping ahead, because the results could hit you where it hurts, and that does not mean your wallet.

Your bike should be fully prepared for customization at this point. Remember to remove the stickers and labels from the chassis and go ahead with a plan. Try to determine the look and style you want as early in the process as possible.

A small, but unique change is to remove all the emblems from your bike. Removing brand names can make a bike yours, and yours only. Remember to fill the seams in afterwards, though. This is a good step to combine with a custom paint-job as the paint will obviously cover any markings left by removing emblems. Make your bike something easy on the eyes for other road users. Adding chrome is a common option, and that’s for a good reason; it looks great! You can chrome almost any part of the cycle, from the wheels, to the engine, to the exhaust. Speaking of exhausts, you can employ custom sounds to your bike with a new exhaust, but please respect others when you choose this option. No more rides at 2 in the morning!

There are a number of aesthetic options you can choose. The first thing you might look at is changing the handlebars from the manufacturer’s design to something that suits you either in style or function. Bobbing the fender is another choice – shorten the rear fender of your bike for a vintage look that shows off the back wheel.

A new seat is also a great option not only for style, but for comfort. A new seat can increase your bike’s appeal, because you’ll be able to ride it more often! Another amazing comfort option is to install highway pegs. A good seat will keep you going on a long ride, but highway pegs will allow you to stretch your legs every once in awhile. The final comfort option is to add a windshield. A windshield can do a lot for your comfort on a long ride as it will deflect cold wind, glare, dirt and of course, bugs. Don’t forget comfort when embarking on your project.

In terms of performance, the simplest thing you can change on your motorcycle is the air filter. Think of it as the gills or lungs of the bike, if they are full of muck – your bike cannot breath. Change it out, especially if your bike has enjoyed previous owners and give your cycle a new lease of life.

If you’re lacking in funds, a solid customization option might be your helmet. There are all manner of things you can do to a helmet, but remember that safety comes first, so you might want to stick a new paint-job for now.

There are plenty of gadgets you can employ on a motorbike. A solid idea is to equip a camera on your handlebars so you can film those enjoyable rides. Not only that, but in the event of an accident, you’ll have video evidence. That’s great for showing off the amazing crash you survived, but if you’re involved in something serious, it can legally protect you if you’re not to blame. That’s the visuals sorted, but what about sound? There are plenty of sound systems and bluetooth options on the market ranging from saddle boomboxes and helmet earpieces to handlebar systems. Of course, check reviews on sites like Bikers Basics before making a big purchase.

There’s a lot of good you can do to a bike, so make sure you do your research and consult mechanics and engineers if you’re not sure. Don’t start the project if you don’t know where you are going, otherwise you’re going to waste time and money. You might even ruin your bike. There’s a lot to lose here, so take your time if you’re thinking of physical customization options.

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