Handy Technology To Help You Save Money On Your Car

Posted on Mar 3 2018 - 11:54am by admin

Many of us would find it difficult to live without our cars, but it would certainly save a lot of money to be without one. Between the initial cost of the car, the gas and the maintenance fees, your car can soon become a costly investment.


As with many things these days, technology is here to the rescue. When it comes to cars, there’s some useful technology that helps make driving easier and safer, with the inside of the car becoming just as important as the outside.

There are some great gadgets available that are designed to help make the cost of running your car cheaper. Take a look at some of the best and see if you could save money on your car.

Tyre pressure monitor

Most new car models have inbuilt pressure monitors that make it easy to tell when your tyres are running low. For older cars, however, you could benefit from buying a portable tyre pressure monitor to give you a helping hand. Low tyre pressure can significantly increase your fuel use, adding to your monthly outgoings. Make sure that you check your tyre pressure regularly to ensure your car gets the most out of the fuel you put in it.


Accidents and insurance claims can be costly, expenses if they come at a time when your finances are already stretched. A dashcam is an extremely useful investment to help with any claims you might need to make following an accident. There are many benefits of getting a dashcam for your car, so making a small investment now could help you save money in the long-term. Keep your dashcam in your glove compartment and remember to activate it before you set off.

OBDII Scanner

Unless you’re a mechanic, it can be difficult to work out what’s wrong with your car. Unfortunately for you, this lack of knowledge can result in costly call outs and repairs, which could be avoided if you knew more about the problem. If you pick up the right OBD II scanner, you could get a clearer indication of issues with your car’s controls, saving you some money. Your scanner could reveal some basic faults, which might be fixable yourself – but always seek a professional opinion if you’re unsure.

Tracking apps

Want to save money on your car insurance policy? Get yourself a driving tracker. A driving tracking app monitors factors such as your speed, the smoothness of your driving as well as other factors. If you perform well, you could be given a discount on your insurance premium. Avoiding accidents or damaging your car is important, as this will not only help you save money on repairs but also help to keep your premiums low.

While technology might come with an initial cost, the long term benefits of investing in automotive technology can help you save money. When it comes to giving your car the longer life it deserves, it’s the little costs that can make all the difference. Take care of your car, and you’ll benefit from the lower running costs you deserve.

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