Ford Updates Fiesta Amid Surging Sales

Posted on Sep 9 2017 - 9:55am by Brian Williams

The Ford Fiesta is arguably one of the most popular cars in history, with a fantastic track record in European markets, selling more than practically every other car available. That should come as no surprise. It has been, and remains, the benchmark for small, city-going vehicles, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be toppled anytime soon.


The latest version of the car makes it one of the most technologically advanced small cars on the market. Unlike many of its rivals, the newly updated Fiesta comes with driver assistance and high-end safety features usually only seen on larger, premium vehicles. Despite its small size, the car also managed to pick up 5 stars on the Euro NCAP safety trials, adding to its growing reputation for build quality and excellence. The Fiesta scored top marks in both frontal and side pole test situations, helped by an assortment of safety features, including side air bags, and seat-belt pre-tensioners which tighten in anticipation of an accident.

Recently, Ford has been given the cold shoulder by investors who are increasingly dumping money into rivals like Tesla. But right now, given the sales of the Fiesta and other models, and the growing overseas markets for Ford vehicles, Ford stocks seem like a bargain. The company’s overall market cap has barely budged, despite the fact that it’s taking a similar foray into the electric, autonomous vehicle market as Elon Musk.

According to Rebel Ford, the Fiesta is the ultimate escape hatch. And today, thanks to the recent update, drivers can get a bunch of features that were previously only found on ultra-premium models. The new Fiesta, for instance, come s with keyless entry, meaning that the car will unlock if it detects that the key fob is within range. What’s more, the car also comes with a start button, the type of thing that one only usually saw on Ferraris and Lambos.

Ford has tried to make the Fiesta as practical as possible, implementing technologies that it believes that the car’s typical customer will actually want, rather than just making the vehicle on the Focus or Mondeo platforms and sticking in their features as standards. As a result, the new Fiesta comes with a rear parking sensor that gives an audible beep as the car gets closer to other parked vehicles or obstacles. There’s also an Eco Mode which is perfect for improving fuel economy on the school run or when driving around town.

It’s also clear that Ford is targeting the new car at the youth and new driver market. Not only are the safety features second to none, but the car also comes with hill start assists, a technology which allows drivers to have less than stellar clutch control and get away with it.

ABS and traction control complete the set of safety features, allowing new drivers to drive with confidence and escape potential accidents.

This is the 11th Fiesta Model and is already on sale in Titanium, ST, Zetec and Vignale versions. An Active crossover model will arrive later this year.

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