Battle Behind the Wheel: Helpful Apps for Harried Drivers

Posted on May 5 2016 - 3:08pm by admin

You drive around all the time, but you always need things like directions, or maybe you’re frustrated that your commute home takes over an hour when you’re only a few miles from home. Well, if you’re looking for a few apps that can help you when you’re out there on the road, here are a few that most drivers find helpful.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of map applications. Maybe you don’t use Google Maps though. If you’ve been using the Apple version for a while, and you’re finally fed up with it, it’s time to come to the dark side. It’s the best app out there, and it keeps getting better. The app is great if you already use Gmail or are logged into other Google services.

You can search for places on your desktop and they’ll show up on the mobile app. And, because it integrates a lot of information from Waze, it tells you a lot more about traffic congestion and patterns than most, if not all, other apps out there.

And, most attorneys like car accident attorneys, believe that avoiding congested streets and highways may help you reduce your risk of getting into an accident. You can also avoid being stuck in traffic because of someone else’s accident.


This was the app that set out to be a competitor to the major app services out there. It’s not for everyday use, however, because it’s still a bit buggy. It eats up a lot of your phone’s battery, and it can be distracting while you drive, with all the little games and notifications it feeds you while on your trip.

If you get stuck in dense traffic, however, it’s the best app you can have. It will help route you away from traffic jams and accidents. It will also alert you to traffic stops, cops and traffic or speed traps, and tell you where major bottlenecks are most likely to occur.


Google Maps is good for getting from “A” to “B”, but if you’re planning an extended trip, Roadtrippers is invaluable. It’s sort of like Yelp but for road trips. There are reviews for hotels, campgrounds, and points of interest. You can even get reviews of restaurants. It has an advanced route-planning tool that lets you string everything together.

So, you’ll get a complete picture of your drive without having to start and stop your trip to do things like get something to eat or stop for gas or for a local sight-seeing attraction.

You can get an estimate of what you’ll spend on gasoline, too.


This is one of the best driving apps ever.

Ever show up to a meeting 20 minutes early, and then spent the next 45 driving around looking for a place to park? It happens all the time when you live in a big city. This is what SpotHero is for. It’s like AirBnB for your vehicle. You can use the app to find a spot near you, pay for it, and then not worry about parking last minute.


Trying to find an honest mechanic seems like a contradiction in terms. But, for people who use RepairPal, it’s not. RepairPal helps you get accurate, average, and reasonable costs for specific repairs to your specific vehicle. It can also help you find a good mechanic that’s close to you.


This is a little dongle that plugs into your vehicle’s diagnostic port and just stays there. It has a GPS and Bluetooth connectivity so it can deliver stats to your smartphone about how your vehicle is doing. Things like gas mileage, engine health, performance, and other useful stuff. It can also alert the authorities if you get into an accident.


Want to find out where the cheapest gas is? Lots of gas apps promise, but GasBuddy is the one that delivers.

Sean Crawford is often in the car; driving to work, taking the kids to after school activities, running errands… But this is the year Sean and his wife make a change to the amount of drive time. He shares apps and services that they have found useful in his articles.

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